Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Let's Get Physical

The new year is upon us, new years resolutions have been made and it will be interesting to see how many have been broken, but here at Toast we're looking to push through the pain barrier with  regular trips to the local swimming pool.

So far I've recruited Jeremy our senior producer but am looking for more Toast input.  It has been going well and we haven't hit the  mental wall yet except for an embarrassing accident last Thursday but that was less mental and more physical.

Afterwards however we raring to go for the rest of the day, ready to tackle any corporate film or commercial coming our way.

Let's see how long the aqua intentions last!!


  1. Well the hornet's nest has been stirred and the apostrophe facists are out in force! However opinion is divided on the correct way to say new years resolution (sic). With an apostrophe? Without? or should it simply be "New Year resolutions"?

    Or more to the point, do expert Corporate Film-makers really and truly need to be experts in the correct use of the apostrophe? Answers on a postcard please...

  2. Surely the resolution does not belong to the new year and therefore should not have an apostrophe or even an 's' on year. Now let me think about Mothers day, is it my mother's day or all the mothers day?