Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Top Go Viral production tips from Jeremy Dunn

Corporate video and television commercial producer Jeremy Dunn has worked at toast for over eight years and is one of the company directors. Jeremy is scheduled to produce and judge the Go Viral script contest winner’s idea, and constructed much of the contest himself. His clients have included Innocent DrinksMorgan Stanley and LadyLucksHere he provides some top production tips for young creatives planning to submit their scripts. He writes:

In my view, this is a great opportunity for someone out there to really shine, and make a name for themselves.

Whether you have had an idea that's been bouncing around your head for years or have just had a eureka moment, the Go Viral competition could just be your fast track to the top. Worse case, you get a professional, director led piece of lovely work that will be yours forever to show off.

From a producers perspective I can't wait to see what scripts come in. 

In an ideal world I'd loved to be amazed, shocked, disturbed, in stitches... whatever it takes really. The key for me is that it has to fit the classic 30-second time frame, which actually is harder than it sounds.

30 seconds on the one hand is short and sweet, but with the right idea… its actually loads of time to 'stop' the world and make us all stand up and take notice. 

The 30 seconds should have a beginning, middle and end, and not necessarily in that order. 30 seconds gets you from the start, leaves you guessing or simply spins you round and spits you out. It’s up to you.

Whichever way you choose to go I promise the young winner will get the best we, as a production house can offer, from the directing brilliance of Stuart Fryer, to the latest HD cameras, to top notch finishing facilities.

I will pull out all the stops to ensure that the winning entry will have their 30 seconds of fame.

So, good luck and get scribbling!

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  1. Excellent tips. One of the most important aspects of trying to go "viral" with a marketing video is definitely to keep things short and simple. You really need to grab someone's attention within those first 30 seconds or they will certainly lose interest.

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