Monday, 30 July 2012

Shoots and sequences snaps

Channel 4's World's Maddest Job Interview and Learner Adams Bones are two of our most recent clients at toast, among a few other corporate requests.

First up, Bob Hough, our head of graphics, put together the opening title sequence for the World's Maddest Job Interview, which was first aired on Channel 4 on Wednesday 25th July 2012. The programme has stirred a debate about how mental health issues are touched on by the media. But, having watched it ourselves we think that the topics were covered sensitively and did well to break up conventional stereotypes of how mental health affects performance in the work place.

Bob Hough provided the graphics for the opening title sequence of C4's World's Maddest Job Interview.

Then, today (Monday 30th July 2012) we went on a green screen shoot at 01ZERO-ONE for Learner Adams Bones, which went much faster than predicted!

John adjusts some lighting for the Learner Adams Bones shoot.
Otherwise, our Go Viral competition was featured on the BBC Writer's Room last week, alongside Televisual's website! Please do keep spreading the word - we'd love to get as many young creatives involved as possible. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us or post a comment.

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