Thursday, 9 August 2012

toast's Go Viral contest is spreading!

toast’s Go Viral script to screen contest in association with creative hub IdeasTap has kicked up a storm. But with three weeks left, we’re eager for even more of the world to hear about this great opportunity for someone under 30 to get their viral script made into a high-end production.

In its first week, we gained media coverage from the BBC Writers Room, Broadcast and Televisual magazine. Plus, we had loads of Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus approvals from you, not to mention the newsletters, blogs and forum posts that you sent out for us.

In the second week we blogged a series of top tips from our team of experts, including VW Bomber director and competition judge Stuart Fryer, toast producer and judge Jeremy Dunn, and screenwriter Martin Sadofski. We are absolutely delighted to see so many of you reading these posts.

But, as with any viral, it’s never enough! We want the world and his mother to share this competition! Remember, anyone can enter between the age of 16-30 and it can be about absolutely anything so long as it can be filmed in London over the course of a few days. For further details read the brief on IdeasTap.

For up to the minute competition updates follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Plus, you can get our regular blog updates by subscribing to our RSS feed in the top right hand corner. Good luck to you!


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  2. Goodluck to the participants, hope they get the best chance to win.

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