Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Natural History Museum Evolution iPad app

The Natural History Museum Evolution iPad app features moving image assets edited by Toast and produced by Hotheads’ Josh Goode for his client, Authored Apps.

The 360° panoramic app animates the lives of over a thousand organisms in their natural habitats over a humungous timescale and is now available through iTunes.

Using the amazing Timeglobe feature you can locate where any creature used to live on our plant and where they live now.

From mass extinctions to the rise of homo sapiens, it takes you through major evolutionary events of the earth.

Plus, learn about all kinds of cutting edge evolutionary science from leading experts of evolutionary theory with video tutorials, audio commentaries and animation.

This footage is provided in HD with touch screen functionality built in, allowing you to explore every minor detail at your own speed.

The content brings to life meticulous research conducted over a hundred archaeological sites around the world.

It was researched and authored by science writer and lecturer, Douglas Palmer.

It is accredited, endorsed and supplemented by experts from the Natural History Museum’s world-renowned Palaeontology Department.

Contributors include Dr Paul Kenrick, Prof. Chris Stringer, Prof. Adrian Lister, Dr Jerry Hooker, Dr Martin Munt and Dr Angela Milner.

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