Tuesday, 4 May 2010

What does your blog say about you? Well ours has been saying the same thing since July ’09 but that’s because we’ve all been too busy actually working to keep the thing up to date. So what have we neglected to blog about in those nine months?

Ferrero for one. The Gods of chocolatey nuttiness smiled down on Toast and director Gregg Masuak and asked them to create a note-perfect informal dinner party for the UK version of the international “food of the gods” campaign.

Then there was Jenny Ash’s second spot, this time for radio station Magic FM. Eagle eyed readers may note that Jenny appears only to do TV commercials for radio stations. That may be true so far, but she does have an open mind…

Then came Paul Simon. No, not him… them – the curtain, beds and blinds people. Tasked with creating a recognisable brand identity that stands out from their competitors, Toast and director Toby Tobias created a series of five commercials to span the entire year.

What can you say about a lycra-clad superhero who wants to buy your unwanted gold. He’s called Goldbuyerman, we wears lycra and he wants to…. Well you get the picture. Director Dave Wood delivered a spot that truly stands apart from its competitors.

And then there was Pman. That ubiquitous blue pee person who affects one in four men over the age of 45. Directed by Stuart Fryer, with animation by Square Zero. If you haven’t seen it yet, you haven’t been watching television much, have you?

Then there was the Drench Brand strategy film. Again, internal. Again, confidential.
And Bacardi. They wanted a film to celebrate the Bacardi brand at conferences across the world. And they got it. And we can’t show it to you because it’s for internal consumption only.
Oh, we also did stuff for the internet and DOOH. Love to show you the Investec Derby Day banners, but we cant. Not yet… Next month.

So all in all we’ve been too busy to blog. Too busy to keep adding regular updates (and cheeky keywords) to let our corporate clients, favourite Advertising Agencies and friends know all about our TV Commercials, corporate videos and other exciting media projects – digital if you will. After all we are a production company, not a blogging company.