Monday, 21 May 2012

Great new TV commercials

Television commercial production is a large part of what we do at Toast. We’re privileged to work with the world’s top brands and produce their ads because we’re enthusiastic about what we do. And it showed in the huge popularity of our April review of great new television commercials. So we thought we’d bring it back as a regular feature.

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Jammie Dodger’s A Certain Gooey Thing parody

This commercial is weird as hell. But that’s what makes this biscuit brand interesting. They aren’t everyone’s first choice because the concept of the biscuit itself is strange. But they do inspire devoted followers. In this ad, they’ve decided to work their offbeat recipe to their advantage with a red haired monkey acting out a rock tune in the style of a music video. And he’s got the biscuit attached to his head. Tasty.

M&M’s Sexy And I Know It 2012 Superbowl campaign

In this ad, a male M&M strips at the site of an embarrassed brown female M&M, thinking that she’s naked because she’s got a shell the colour of chocolate. We’ve all have over-enthusiastic moments, and encounter annoyingly over-enthusiastic people, and it’s embarrassing. It makes us feel vulnerable. So we look for comfort food, like M&Ms.

Tetley’s Five Minute Tea Break commercial

Tetley takes a step away from their cartoon representatives and parodies the troubles of the modern woman. The ad shows a husband who expects his dinner, but doesn’t know what to do with himself when his wife reacts by taking five minutes to herself to enjoy a tea. When she puts her mug in the dishwasher, he holds her tight.

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