Friday, 18 May 2012

Toast's week in Tweets

Here’s the first of the weekly Twitter round-ups brought to you by Toast TV, featuring the most popular Tweets that we’ve posted over the past five working days.

Thinking of making a business video? Here's a guide from @MarketingB2B. Send us any questions for our production team!

B2B Marketing wrote a great guide for businesses on making a successful video production. So, we thought that we’d add our own two cents and upload our ‘Things to think about before making a video production’ guide to our blog. You can read it here.

According to @klout ToastTV is a social media 'Specialist'. We have a rating of 47! #socialmediagurus

We were extremely pleased to discover that our Klout rating has reached 47. This means that more of you are joining us on our social media portals, and we’re influencing what you think about social media and television. They even went so far as to call us a ‘Specialists’.

A big congratulations to The Big Issue on its 1000th issue! Read what TBI's editor had to say here - @bigissue

It was a seminal moment for homeless charity The Big Issue team as they reached their 1000th issue. So, we sent them a big congratulations for all of their hard work. Click here to donate to this worthy cause.

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