Friday, 25 May 2012

Toast's week in Tweets

Here’s the second of the weekly Twitter round-ups brought to you by Toast TV, featuring the most popular Tweets that we’ve posted over the past five working days. Keep up to date with our blog by subscribing to our RSS feed in the top right hand corner of the blog, or join us directly on Twitter.

Brad Pitt is to be Chanel No 5's new cover girl, reports @guardian #chanelno5

Brad Pitt becomes Chanel No 5 first cover girl who is in fact a man. While he’s no Nicole Kidman when it comes to feminine beauty, The Guardian have decided that this is a bold but wise marketing move.

Did you catch ITV's seminal documentary series 56 Up? If not, you're in luck! It's still available here - @ITV #doc

ITV’s 56 Up was certainly one of the defining moments of the past week at Toast. It’s going on 50 years since the seminal documentary began charting the lives of a group of seven-year-olds from a range of backgrounds and a lot has changed. The programme asks, where are they now and how do they feel about getting old?

Get your business prepared for the Olympic travel disruptions @GAOTG #olympics

It’s hot, it’s sticky and we now have to seriously start thinking about the upcoming Olympic travel disruptions and how best to avoid them on the way into work. It’s either a great excuse to work from home, or another hour cut out of your free time. Either way, we recommend planning ahead!

Watch the new @007 James Bond trailer here -! Read about it here - via @bbc

Over the past few months Londoners have been pleased to encounter various film sets for the new James Bond film. It’s looking cooler than ever as Daniel Craig really settles into the role and the major plot location really comes home. Watch the trailer above.

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