Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Developing TV

More than any other industry, broadcasters are having to learn to keep up with advances in technology and social media. The computer industry has never before been so significant to shaping approaches to television and expressing the voice of a generation. But there's a lot of rubbish to wade through and a lot to catch up on. So, we thought we’d point you in the right direction with a few tip offs.

A portable aerial that allows you to stream live TV anywhere.
Portable aerials from Aereo (pictured above) are being test run in New York. If it gets past the potentially hazardous legal licencing complications then live TV streaming will no longer confined to living rooms and computers. You could watch the channels of your choice on the train, on the street and in a restaurant on your phone, on your tablet and at your own convenience. Programmes and advertising will have to compete the wider world. 

A secondary device or a secondary screen;
your secondary computer, tablet or mobile device.
Rising secondary device (or ‘second screen’) use also means that TV channels and advertisers can more effectively gage reactions from specific audience sectors. This means that television viewing is now more flexible and group reactions are more transparent. Media producers can harness user engagement to their advantage. Useful reaction overviews are supplied through social TV analytics companies such as Bluefin Labs and SocialGuide. But a simple search on Twitter will give you a good idea of what people are or are not saying about your production.

Shazam will offer its users the opportunity to interact with live TV ads on ITV.
In a further recent development, ITV have begun offering their advertisers Shazam enabled TV spots exclusively within the UK. Their 10 million strong users will be able to interact with enabled commercials. This may span from competitions to free music downloads. 

Simon Daglish, Group Commercial Sales Director at ITV, said: “This exciting and exclusive partnership means that ITV is able to offer customers a real first for UK media and allow brands to innovate their spot campaigns and connect directly with audiences on a large scale.”

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