Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The filming of The Robbery, part two

This blog details things getting dark on the second day of The Robbery shoot. Click here for part one. Follow @KissTheKerb for updates.

I spend the day chasing shadows, buying more props, more food and more beer for the set and more things for wardrobe. Eventually, I arrive at the house location with casting director and shoot facilitator Millie Scalchi. I’m exhausted and I haven’t even begun.

The house is buzzing. Our kit has gone from backbreaker to stage setter. Thom and our soundman Lewis are busing themselves with Tascams [] and radio mics. Phil is working the barbeque. The other two main actors are here, along with more or less everyone else. The process is intoxicating.

Phil, Thom and I have made this. Everyone is here because of our dumb idea to make a short film. It’s incredible. After mingling, we turn to the matter at hand. There is a film to be made. The actors are in costume, fully rehearsed and ready to go. Thom has the extras set. Camera, lights and sound all ready. There is nothing left to do. The moment has arrived.


The first take is a doozy. The second, third, fourth all reel off without a hitch. This is excellent. We switch positions, again, it’s perfect. This film making malarkey is easy. An hour or so later and our first recorded scene is done. Wrapped. Finito. We take a break to soak everything in, say goodbye and thank all of the extras for their brilliant work.

But, we still have lots to film. The actors, Dan O’Malley, Edward Walters and Thomas Coombes, crack through all the scenes effortlessly, as do Thom and Lewis, Phil and myself. Our wrap time passes but we are still in good spirits as we head ever closer to the end. A few brief words with the crew, a check of the script and our work here is done. Our energy spent, evening has become morning, and we head for home.

James Gentle

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