Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Great new TV commercials

Ikea have revolutionised the television. This is exciting. They have integrated the everyday HD smart television, DVD player, stand and speakers into a singular customisable piece of furniture with hidden wires and one remote control. It also has a five-year guarantee. We want one right now. But it’s launching in the second half of this year. So we wait.

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Levi Roots returns to our TV sets with a new ditty and a singing BBQ. But this time he’s shaped in the form of an Aardman character. Singing sausages that are marinated in Reggae Reggae sauce accompany him in the sunny suburban scenery, making us long for the return of the good weather.

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Gumtree rolled out a nationwide ‘Quick Conversations’ campaign that’s rumoured to be worth over £1m. Hamish Stone, head of Gumtree’s marketing, said to The Drum: “Our previous ad campaigns really paid dividends for us, driving those looking to buy or sell their goods on Gumtree in record numbers. The new ads are all about bringing people together.”

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Have you seen our new Cetaphil commercial yet? Post us your thoughts!

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