Thursday, 5 April 2012

Google's Goggles set to change the landscape of smartphones, for good

Forget about phones; Google Goggles are the smart new gadget for 2013

Google will test their revolutionary new goggles this summer on members of the public, as part of 'Project Glass'. Wearers of the glasses will be able to access computer programs and mobile phone functions through eye movement and voice commands. Currently, Google's Goggle function is available for download on Android phones.

The glasses use Android software, which adds small translucent icons onto the surface of a user’s reality. Functions will include improved search functions, video messaging and interactive mapping. Disturbingly, the promotional video also showed the wearer being alerted to friends who are within close proximity.

The search engine giant received criticism in the past for jumping onto new ideas too quickly. This then lead to the abandonment of a number of smaller new online functions, such as QR codes in Places, to focus on their current range. Civil liberty concerns about the glasses have already been raised by experts. But everything looks set to go ahead as Google’s glimpse into the future gets set to change the landscape of mobile content for good.

Vicky McNaught-Davis


  1. Problems that we've deduced so far in the office:

    - Ugly frame
    - Potentially dangerous as a distraction
    - A bit sad if you're 'plugged in' to the internet all the time
    - Quickly expire in novelty
    - Contact lenses will doubtless follow very quickly

    What do you think?

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